Pelican Island Audubon Society
celebrates its 50th Anniversary! 1964 - 2014

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Our Mission: To preserve and protect the animals, plants, and natural communities
in Indian River County through advocacy, education, and public awareness.

Excerpts from the June 3, 2014 Indian River County Commission
meeting concerning the Oslo Boat Ramp.
Comments by Susan Boyd.
Comments by Richard Baker.
Corry Westbrook speaks to the Indian River County Commission about her opposition to the Oslo boat ramp project - July 1, 2014
Editorials, Guest Editorials, & Articles
  1. State judge approves controversial Oslo boat ramp project by Milt Thomas
  2. Judge OKs Oslo ramp project by Tyler Treadway
  3. County's request for funds for Olso boat ramp denied by Steve Thomas
  4. Oslo Ramp fails to secure grant by Tyler Treadway
  5. 'Special place' under siege by county commissioners by Bob Bruce
  6. Seagrass threatened by Oslo Road boat ramp expansion by Steve Thomas
  7. Posey said to bring pressure for Oslo Road Boat Ramp Expansion by Steve Thomas
  8. Politicians hug us before stabbing us in the back by Lynne Larkin
  9. One vote against Oslo boat ramp by Ed Killer
  10. Judge to decide boat ramp's fate by Tyler Treadway
  11. No justification for proposed Oslo Boat Ramp by Robert L. Smith
  12. No need for redundant, unnecessary project by Richard Baker
  13. This is one 'improvement' the Lagoon can do without by Richard Baker
  14. Want to catch fewer fish? 'Improve' Oslo Boat Ramp by Grant Gilmore
Oslo Boat Ramp "Proposed Dredging Site?" by Lange Sykes

Our elected representatives of the Indian River County Commission have unanimously voted to approve an
"expansion" project at one of the most environmentally sensitive fish recruitment sites in the state of Florida. Read More
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Our obsession with green lawns drives me nuts, and it's killing the environment
Political interference alleged in Oslo Boat Ramp approval

Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprint


Blue Cypress Lake Guided Boat Tours

The Pelican Island Audubon Society offers guided pontoon boat tours of Blue Cypress Lake for up to 8 persons per trip.  Expert guides Dr. Richard H. Baker and Bob Bruce provide a unique insight into the wildlife, habitats, and beautiful scenery of one of Florida’s special places.  Sunrise and sunset tours are offered for a donation of $85 per person.  The tours are a fundraiser for the Pelican Island Audubon Society.  Food and drinks are included.  For information and reservations, please call 772-567-3520 or e-mail View the flyer.

Purchase the updated and expanded second edition of
Reflections of Blue Cypress: Photographs, History, and Poems
by Richard H. Baker, Ph.D. and Juanita Baker, Ph.D.

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Together Green Square Foot Gardening Project in Indian River County Schools
Small-scale Gardening with Large-scale Gains

According to the Audubon Society:
"Only about 5% of ancient forests remain in the U.S. Over the past 15 years, the number of trees in many US cities has declined by about 30 percent, while concrete and other solid surfaces has risen by 20 percent. Remember, Indian River County once had big cypress stands at Blue Cypress Lake. Wetlands and forests have been cleared or drained for cattle ranches, citrus, and development. This drastically impacts our many unique native species which struggle to survive in the very specialized habitats they require.

In other areas, tree planting needs to replace exotic invasive trees like Brazilian pepper, carrot wood, Australian pine when removed especially from around wetlands and forests.

Indian River County is estimated at 139,000 people. Let’s have every adult plant one or support planting a tree! Pelican Island Audubon is starting a project to plant 100,000 Trees (one for every adult) in Indian River County as an example of what a community can do working together. Massive Tree Planting can lower our community’s carbon foot print, reduce global warming, make our county cooler, provide more habitat for birds and insects and other wildlife, reduce current energy costs due to the shade on buildings, conserve water and reduce runoff. In addition, research shows that in cities, having trees in neighborhoods also reduces the crime rate and people are more likely to socialize with neighbors. Actually trees are very healing and we humans thrive better with nature around us. So our goal is to enhance our community, make it more attractive, a garden city. “