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What is quality of life and sustainable development?

Sustainability as a vision of the future

How do we assess progress?

Defining criterion & indicators

Work Group Topics
Integrating Indicators
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The Tasks Ahead


Suggested ‘Big 10’ categories with some examples used in the Focus Group discussions

Environment: Indian River lagoon, groundwater

Biodiversity: Conservation of natural areas

Recreation: Access to parks, natural areas for fishing, hiking, birding

Rural Lands: sustainable agricultural practices

Urban/Built Environment: energy conservation, transit, beautification

Social/Community Services: skilled workforce, children’s health, educational opportunities for all ages

Economy: diversity of businesses, jobs, self reliance, livable wages

Physical infrastructure: condition of roads, sewers, water supply, transit service

Minority Community Concerns: access to services; race relations, immigration rules, affordable housing

Overall Quality of Life: clean city and community, high school achievement, safety, home buying value, business-friendly taxes