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What is quality of life and sustainable development?

Sustainability as a vision of the future

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A brief description
Pelican Island Audubon Society, with the help of more than 20 advisors from all parts of the county and community, have started an innovative community-based process to survey and measure ‘quality of life’ indicators to guide the county towards an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable future.

This project aims to define a community vision, set goals and measure progress in each of these three dimensions of life in Indian River County. We will survey community priorities of quality of life values and then measure them to establish a baseline. Armed with reliable indicator information this is more likely to lead to having those values considered when leaders make community decisions.

This project aims to

Major steps in this project:

1. We have asked leaders of key interest groups to serve in an advisory capacity. So far we have more than 20 partner commitments. (See link to Advisors list) We have met individually and collectively with the advisors.

2. We have developed a preliminary list of ‘quality of life’ indicator topics in discussion with advisors, key leaders and with focus groups.

3. We have held eight community ‘indicator work groups’ or focus group meetings to identify values and discuss indicator topics. We are open to planning more...if a section of the community wants to be heard, we’d be glad to come to hold a working group meeting with them.

4. Based on these discussions we are now developing a detailed survey based on these indicator topics and we will poll the county population to establish priorities.

5. In due course we will gather data to measure these particular environmental, social and economic indicators to identify what our citizens most value as important to their quality of life...and present the results to community leaders.

We will ask community leaders for a commitment, based on the survey results,