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What the County voted on in October:

Indian River County Commissioners vote to
delay Oslo boat ramp project 3-5 years!

After a long discussion during their October 21, 2014 meeting, the Indian River County Board of County Commissioners voted to delay the Oslo Road boat ramp expansion for 3-5 years. Commissioner Solari made a Motion, seconded by Commissioner Zorc to delay the project with Commissioner Flescher joining them in the 3-2 vote.
Excerpts from Indian River County Commission
meetings concerning the Oslo Boat Ramp.
Comments by Susan Boyd - June 3, 2014
Comments by Richard Baker - June 3, 2014
Comments by Corry Westbrook - July 1, 2014
Comments by Juanita Baker - August 19, 2014
Comments by Lange Sykes, Paris Westbrook, and Kristen Beck - September 9, 2014
Comments by Pearl McKenzie and Indian RiverKeeper Marty Baum - September 16, 2014
Comments by Brenden Burke, John Warner, Diane Morgan, and Rosemary Wilson - September 23, 2014
Oslo Road Conservation Area: The Sacred Site by Lange Sykes
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